How to choose the blade of its knife?

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One can surely answer it according to several criteria, which will be taken into account: as the use of his knife, his maintenance but also his personal tastes.

Do you really choose the blade of a knife?

Most of the time, it's about trusting professionals. When the cutlers create a knife, they choose to associate with the handle, the blade that suits, the one that is made for the type of knife manufactured. When the blade of a model is made of several stainless steels and damas, it means that the cutler offers you the possibility to choose the steel of your blade, but still it is necessary to know the different steels and their properties! Here you will find information on steel knives and damask knives.

Because there are so many steel knives with so different characteristics, it was necessary to bring them all together in one place. Whether they are Corsican or from elsewhere, whether it's a steel knife 440C, Damascus or 12C27, the knives we offer are equipped with the most appropriate steel blade and are to be found right now on our Site. As often as necessary, we indicate the nature of the steels used.

The Corsican knives of the ZURIA brand are handmade by professionals, Corsican cutlers artisans, who master perfectly the work of steel. According to the model, the utility and the desired rendering, they choose the steel of the blade to adapt it to the handle and thus to create a quality artisanal knife. The blade of a knife is very important. Its strength and sharpness depend on the steel that has been chosen.

What would a knife be without a blade made of quality steel? Absolutely nothing and that is why traditional Corsican knives and others now sport such blades.

The different steels used on our knives

We are talking about a steel blade but it is important to point out that there is not a single steel used by the cutlers. Each steel having its own characteristics, each knife with a blade made of steel will have a unique appearance but also a strength and a specific cutting edge depending on the alloy and the heat treatment used. The hardness of a blade is measured in Rockwell (HRC unit).

For our blades, we use:

- 440C steel very resistant, and one of the most stainless steel that is. This type of steel has among other things an excellent ability to keep its cutting edge.

- 12C27 steel is a quality Swedish steel. It has a fine structure on which the distribution of grains of a constant diameter is homogeneous, which allows it to have an excellent quality of cut also. Another advantage of 12C27 for manufacturers is that it can be used for stamping blades.

- A new steel, the 14C 28N, the last of the Swedish steels, is a derivative of razor blade steels.

- Steel, coded N 690 CO, is specially designed for cutting applications, especially surgical instruments. Its hardness is exceptional (HRC 59-60).

- RWL 34 is a "sintered" steel obtained by melting powders. It is extremely hard (HRC 60-61). We equip the knives "upscale".

- Some of our blades are Japanese steel, VG10 coded, whose performance is well known.

Note that all these steels are stainless because they contain at least 13% of chromium.

- Carbon steel, coded XC 75, is known for its robustness, but the blades require particular attention in view of their vulnerability to oxidation. XC75 carbon steel blades must not be in contact with water or stored in a damp place, they must be wiped with each use. They can be greased with a drop of neutral oil.

The different blade shapes:

different blades


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En réponse à MAROLLEAU,
À priori, c'est un anneau qui permet de lever la sécurité lame ouverte du couteau. Il permet de tirer la partie métallique qui sert de cran de sécurité sur la lame ouverte.
Created On vendredi, septembre 4, 2020 Posted By Didier Bonnefoy Comment Link
Un ami m'a offert un très joli couteau venant de vos fabrication ( acier 14 c 28 n )
Je souhaiterai changer la lame pour du damas.
Est ce possible ?
Created On mercredi, novembre 14, 2018 Posted By MAROLLEAU Comment Link
Je voudrai offrir un couteau pour Noêl j'en ai vu avec un anneau entre la lame et le manche. Pouvez vous me dire à quoi sert cet anneau ?

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