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How to recognize the real Eye of Saint Lucia of the Mediterranean Sea? Does it come always to Corsica? This small seal is similar to its counterpart, but totally either!

This shell is present only in the Mediterranean but we can find seals of shells in various warm seas: Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, China Sea, etc ... Thus, in Asia it is called "eye of Shiva".

The name "Eye of Saint Lucia" is not protected, nothing prevents its use to also designate the covers of hot seas.

However, despite this confusion, it is possible to differentiate the Mediterranean operculum from that of warm seas:

- The eye of St Lucia of the Mediterranean is distinguished by its orange color and relief "in ear".
- The eye of Shiva has a convex face, without evocative drawing and covered with a brown or green varnish. The white face shows a brown or light green spiral.

Given the success of the eye of St. Lucia, many jewelry is offered for sale with lids from hot seas.


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