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The handles of knives Corsica was originally made in horn of ram or cow, or wooden, in fact with what the shepherds had easily the hand. In time, handles evolved and were equipped with rarer and more precious gasolines.

We suggest you discovering here materials of representative handles of knives Corsican and very appreciated by our customers.

Olive knives

Mediterranean tree par excellence, the olive tree is a staple of Corsican crafts, in the manufacture of everyday objects, as strong as beautiful, easy to care for "nourishing" the wood of a few drops of olive oil.

The olive tree, an ancient wood

From the start, the Corsican knives used this gift of nature.

Her tight wood, difficult to work, is ideal for a knife handle and make the best effects to polishing.

Our selection of olive wood knives

This is our favorite wood. Noble material, timeless, it lends itself to all forms of sleeves, traditional or modern. The variety of its veining makes each knife a unique and recognizable pattern at the first glance.

Discover our extensive catalog of knives with a handle in olive wood, and treat yourself with a timeless classic!

Juniper knives

Corsican tradition, the knives made on the Island of Beauty are from materials that of the ancient. Among these materials, juniper provides a type of wood which allows manufacture of cutlery great knives juniper to characteristic patterns.

Juniper, high-quality wood

Widespread throughout the Mediterranean, the juniper is one of those trees that were long attributed many benefits. And if many of these miracles are still sought today is the wood of this tree that provides the most satisfaction: very robust and rot, wood juniper done an exceptional material whose Corsican knife makers make great use for several generations.

The knife in juniper plays this resistance but this is not the only advantage of a handle juniper. Indeed, this species is also characterized by a very neat and elegant appearance that sees its natural honey-colored compete with small dark knots. Very aesthetic, the handle of the knife in juniper most sublime Corsican knives at the pleasure of cutlery that can be trusted in this essence already used by the ancients for their knives.

Our selection of knives juniper

If the knife in juniper is one of the finest examples of know-how of the Corsican old for cutlery, we knives are manufactured in compliance with the traditions of yesteryear. Each of our reference is made the traditional way to ensure a high-quality knife, made from carefully selected species by craftsmen cutlers of Bonifacio.

Discover now our handled knives juniper, whether traditional or modern, and treat yourself to a special knife.

Rosewood Coltelli 

Con un aspetto caratteristico e colori sorprendenti, palissandro è un legno che vince attualmente tutti i voti. Un coltello Rosewood gioca questo aspetto in modo particolare per abbellire il manico di vene rosee.

Palissandro, un materiale stupefacente

Rosewood è al centro di molta attenzione, ma si dovrebbe già sapere esattamente ciò che intendiamo. Essa deve infatti distinguere palissandro ed usati per ebanisti e coltellinai e uno il cui olio essenziale è usato, che è anche cercato. Inoltre, il legno di rosa non è da una sola varietà di albero, poiché denomina con questo nome il legno provenienti da Asia, Madagascar o palissandro.

Quali che siano le specie esatta utilizzati per la sua realizzazione, un coltello in palissandro ha un manico impatto visivo con il suo colore unico che lascia apparire vene rosse. Questo tipo di materiale presenta anche un'elevata resistenza eccezionale, rendendo tutto coltello palissandro uno strumento di qualità. 

I nostri coltelli palissandro

Abbiamo messo insieme per voi una superba selezione di coltelli di legno rosa fabbricati nei nostri laboratori in giro per Bonifacio. Questi coltelli corse tenere tutto ciò che rende la loro identità, ma hanno un manico robusto ma anche molto estetico che delizieranno gli amanti di coltelli e di tutti gli altri. Ideale come una collezione coltello, ma anche come uno strumento pratico, coltello palissandro è un must.

Scopri tutti i nostri coltelli Palissandro e concedetevi un coltello di qualità per tutte le esigenze.


Horn Knives

Long manufactured from materials which our forefathers possessed, Corsican knives are a reflection of a long agricultural and pastoral tradition. The horn knives are the most authentic perhaps all traditional knives. 

The knife horn, guarantor traditions

In Corsica the shepherds, the knife was an essential tool to perform many actions throughout the day. Former lack of anything better, should build and maintain their knives with the means at hand, and with the wood, how strong and easy material to work-they had in large quantities? Horn course!

The knife horn, or rather horn handle, is a symbolic and authentic knife that returns to the essence of Corsica of yesteryear. Carved into the solid part of the horn, the "horn tip" each round is as unique as the animal on which the material was taken. The horn knives can come from Corsican rams and sheep, but also from cows or buffaloes from neighboring Italy. Depending on the type of knife, the handle can directly recall the shape of the horn as Berger but some keep the feel and appearance as Vendetta. Everyone chooses the knife horn that will match it.

Our Corsican knives horn handle

To keep all the charm of a knife horn, our knives are manufactured by craftsmen in the workshops of Bonifacio. Each horn is then chosen with care to keep only the best quality can be worked with great attention to produce a knife similar to those of the old Corsican.

See our selection of handmade knives horn and let yourself be seduced by the rustic and authentic material.

Knives wood of deer

Counting for quite a long time as one of the trophies the most appreciated by hunters, the wood of deer can be also worked under diverse forms. Beautiful example of this work, the wooden knife of deer which makes an ideal companion for any hunter or an outdoor amateur.

The wood of deer, a noble material

Real king of forests, the deer is in the center of numerous legends which tend to make of this elegant animal a real symbol. Among the characteristic lines of the deer, it is naturally its wood which contribute to build its mythical size : at the same time hurt crown and tool in the proven solidity, we attribute to wood of the deer of numerous powers.

The wooden knife of deer is the heir of a long tradition which will have seen the former getting back the aforementioned wood to make it high-quality handles for their knives. More hard than the wood and particularly sustainable, the wood of deer is indeed a material appreciated by hunters but also natural amateurs. Cut directly in the wood, the wooden knife of deer so has a unique and rustic aspect which gets married at will with all the forms of knives and all the blades which are, giving at the same time a traditional image to any knife.

Find our wooden knives of deer

That you are hunter, fisherman or natural amateur, the wooden knife of deer is an addition completed in your collection of quality knives. All the knives which you will find here are also worked in a craft, available way in our shops on Bonifacio. Of Vendetta to the Sperone, we propose you an authentic selection of wooden Corsican knives of deer.

Find from now on our wooden knives of deer and be allowed tempt by this rustic and strong material.


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