How to clean his knife?

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From the acquisition of a knife, we ask ourselves the question of the maintenance of the knife, how to keep this beautiful object in the time? Find here information and advice to clean the blade and the handle of a knife. According to the material of the knife-handle, you cannot maintain him no matter how.

Cleaning the blade of a knife:

A knife does not wash, it wipes itself!

Knife folding or not, a blade of stainless steel, carbon or Damascus, should never be washed but wiped and greased with a drop of olive oil on a cloth. This will protect the blade until the next use.

Because of its composition, carbon steel requires particular attention in view of its vulnerability to oxidation.

Very sensitive to humidity, your knife should not be stored in its case once cleaned. It should be kept unfolded in a dry place. The case is only used to transport the knife.

If you wet the blade, wipe it immediately (you can pass the hair dryer not too hot) and then grease it.

Cleaning the mechanism of a folding knife:

To clean the mechanism of a folding knife, you must pass a cotton swab soaked in oil in the slot where the blade is housed.

Cleaning the handle of a knife:

- The composite sleeves are very resistant and do not fear the water, you can wet without fear.

- The handles of the wooden knives, horn and bone, very badly support the wet places, they must never be wet or soaked in the water because it would permanently damage these natural materials. In case this happens accidentally, wipe it off immediately and finish drying it with a hair dryer.

- So that the handle (wood or horn) does not dry and cracks, especially if it has been wet, maintenance consists of "feeding" it with wax or oil for wood and the oil for the horn. There are special oils but if you do not have one, a drop of olive oil or other vegetable oil on a cloth will do just fine. Just wipe the handle of your knife with it!


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si parla di olio che tipo di olio?
olio da macchina?
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