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You want to know how to choose the size of your knife? For a man, a woman or for your child, you will find here all the information and the advice to choose a bending knife without making a mistake. 

A good knife owes before any being of an easy manipulation.

Then comes into play, in equal parts, the technical characteristics of the knife and the physical possibilities of its owner. Closing systems, more or less soft or complex, are closer to the dexterity of the user. Moreover, the choice of the size of the knife can also be conditioned by its mode of transport: on the belt, in a pocket or a bag.

For folding knives, the standard sizes are 11 and 12 cm when the knife is closed, this corresponds to the size of the handle. Depending on the size of a person's hand, we can determine the correct size of a knife, the one where the handle of the knife is well in hand.

What knife size should I choose for a man?

For regular or daily use, the ideal size for a man is 12 cm closed knife.

For large hands, it is better to take a knife with a handle of 13 cm.

What is the ideal knife size for a woman?

The correct knife size for a woman is 11 cm.

However, if you want to find the right compromise between the weight of the knife, its size and the useful length of its blade, it is best to choose a handle size of 10 cm. You can take it everywhere, in your pocket, your purse and use it for hiking, travel or picnic.

Which knife size to choose for a 10 year old?

From a certain age, usually around the age of 10, the child is offered his first knife, a symbol of the transition from childhood to adolescence. This tradition, which has been perpetuated for centuries, is still transmitted today among many families.

For his first knife, the required size is 10 cm closed knife, whether for a girl or a boy.

For its safety, you can choose a round-headed blade and a knife equipped with a safety system that prevents the blade from being accidentally closed on the fingers.

The right age to have a knife is the one you think will be good for your child, one where he will be mature enough to understand the importance and responsibility of having such an object in hand. Despite all these recommendations, you must still teach your child that a knife is sharp and that it must always be handled with care even if it has a round blade and a safety system.


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