How to choose the handle of a knife?

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What are the criteria for choosing a round? Several elements are taken into account in choosing the handle of a knife.

What use do you want to make a knife?

If this knife is a daily companion to cut his sausage picnic, you can choose a wooden handle, horn or bone to your taste, if the knife is rather intended to be in contact with moisture (to go to the fishing), it will be better to choose a very hard wood resin handle. If it is a collection knife, indulge yourself with natural materials, carved bone, ivory ..., and if it's a knife-tool, they are already available in adapted materials and very resistant.

A shape of handle adapted to his hand

The shape of the handle of the knife = the comfort in the hand.

The shape of the handle of the knife is a question of comfort compared to the shape and the size of your hand but also of feeling. A woman with a fine hand will be more comfortable with a Pialincu whose shape is elongated and the size smaller than the model Vendetta Classic, better suited for a man. Some will prefer a long and thin handle, others a rounded and robust handle, and still others will have a different approach.

The main thing is to feel good about holding your knife.

A question of taste too!

A question of affinity with the materials, the forms, the perfumes and personality.

The most important is your personal taste, your feelings: here, we advise you to listen to you and especially to make you happy!

The choice of the handle of a knife is usually very personal. The affinity that one can have with the materials is specific to each person according to his tastes for the materials, the properties of the natural or synthetic materials, the colors and, the emotion felt with the touch. In the majority of cases, it is a blow of heart or belief for some, all these criteria will make a wise choice. The finesse or on the contrary the robust side of a thick handle generally reflect the personality of an individual.

What are the different materials used for knife handles?

Many noble materials are used for making the handles of folding knives, knives that we particularly like. Here you will find an overview of the natural materials available on our site, especially for Corsican knives. This list is not exhaustive, there are also rare sleeves warthog ivory, elephant ivory, tortoiseshell, heather, chestnut, etc. ... which are carved with great elegance.

We also have moisture-resistant wood-resin handles such as Packwood for people who want to use them on a daily basis without stress as with more fragile materials or requiring more attention. Plastic, stainless steel, carbon fiber and synthetic sleeves are often used for knife handles / tools for more intensive use or for cooking.


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