Types of knives

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Here are different types of knives to better understand them!

The folding or closing knife

The folding knife, so called closing knife, consists of 2 different parts, of more or less equal length: the blade and the handle. The blade is bound with the handle in which it comes to find accommodation when the knife is not used. We also speak about pocketknife because once the blade folded up in the knife-handle, it skips easily into the pocket and can become enraged everywhere!

Couteau pliant corse : La Cursina

A "security" mechanism can control said blocking the blade in the open position and its voluntary withdrawal. This allows to use a knife safely because the blade does not close unexpectedly on the fingers. All folding knives are still not equipped with security systems. There are many security systems in accordance with the knives models.

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The knife fixed blade or not closing

The blade of this knife is not articulated. It extends more or less in the knife a portion called "Silk". Silk is attached to the handle by fitting, bonding, screw or rivet. It can be through-partial or flat, it becomes the support of platelets to form a handle.

 Stanley knife

The blade length can be equal to or greater than that of the handle. There are the fixed blade knives in the category of knives for the kitchen or outdoor knives, such as hunting knives, sports or military use

The multifunction knife

It is a cutter having blades and accessories and providing two or more functions. The best known is the Swiss Army knife. This knife has the advantage of pocket knife as its blade folds into the handle and its accessories that can be well hidden. According to the models the emphasis is placed on either the cup or on tools such as pliers famous brand "Leatherman".
Couteau multifonction Leatherman

The multifunction knives are daily very convenient because they offer useful accessories such as screwdrivers, mini-saw, corkscrew or bottle opener, while remaining lighter and smaller than the multifunction pliers that are real boxes tools to carry around!

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